About the Workshop

The 3 1⁄2 day workshop will focus on the discussion of non-trivial quantum phenomena in biological systems, such as recently observed long-lived coherences in photosynthetic complexes, quantum tunneling effects in olfaction, and the possibility of quantum effects in bird navigation, subjects of renewed interest in the community. The interdisciplinary nature of the program will bring together experts in chemical physics, biology, physics, and quantum information.

The workshop will consist of invited and contributed talks, poster sessions, and include scheduled time for brainstorming and discussion. We will have fourteen invited speakers, and the workshop will be limited to approximately 50 attendees.

The workshop will be held at Pfizer Hall in Mallinckrodt Laboratory at 12 Oxford Street, Harvard University.

Conference Organizers:

Alán Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard) and Robert J. Silbey (MIT)

Scientific Advisory Committee:

To be confirmed.

Conference Coordinators:

Anna B. Shin
Peg Tamiso

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